June (Theme: Things you find in the Market)

Week 1: Oroma
English Translation: Orange
Sentence in Igbo: Biko, Ebee ka oroma di n’afia nke a?
English Translation: Please, where are the oranges in this market/grocery store?

Week 2: Osikapa
English Translation: Rice
Sentence in Igbo: Biko, Ego onee bu akpa Osikapa nke a?
English Translation: Please, how much is this bag of rice?

Week 3: Anu/okuko
English Translation: Meat/chicken
Sentence in Igbo: Madam, ebee k’ana ere anu okuko?
English Translation: Ma’am, where do they sell meat (chicken)? 

Week 4: Akwukwo nri
English Translation: Vegetable
Sentence in Igbo: Biko, gote akwukwo nri di iche iche.
English Translation: Please, buy different types of vegetables.
Week 5:  Afia/Ahia 
English Translation: Market
Sentence in Igbo: Bia ka anyi gote Ihe anyi g’eri n’abania na Ahia/Afia. 
English Translation: Come on, let’s go to the market to buy what we’ll eat tonight.