The Lord’s Prayer

Come learn the Lord’s Prayer in Igbo!

School Items

What’s in your backpack? Did you do your homework? It’s time for school!

Things Around the House

What’s in your house? Let’s explore it together in Igbo!

Things at the Market

The market is a popular hub for shopping and trade- let’s go shopping in Igbo!

Parts of the Body

Head, shoulders, knees and toes- it’s time to learn about the body in Igbo terms!


One, Two, Three, Four. Let’s count these and more in igbo!

Igbo Songs

It’s time to dance! Let’s listen to some popular Ibo songs together!


Nothing comes before family! Let’s learn about our family members in Igbo!

Days Weeks Months Years

What day is it today? How old are you? Let’s learn how to say this and more in Igbo!


Lions, and tigers, and bears- oh my! Come learn the animals in Igbo!